In my pocket, at any given time, will be my current Journal-Sketchbook. These are a thread of documentation through my practice and serve as a portable work-space for drawing, noting down ideas, and working on projects. I fill the cover of each one with patterns and drawings to help me visually distinguish them, and also because decoration is nice. 

My rule for their use is that they are unfiltered and chronological. The text and drawings are personal and diverse, and are not produced with any thought of how they might look if shared or published. Philosophical musings and anatomy sketches are accompanied by journal entries about my love life and crude drawings of ponies. This is a good tonic to my usual approach of overthinking the audience's interaction with the work, and I would offer these as the icon of my practice. They are probably the most honest thing which I have made, and I should like to find a way to present them somehow. Either in a gallery with gloves or in print somehow, although I suspect I might have to censor them somewhat.