My work consists in a number of open ended Projects, which are listed here. Each is an exploration of an area of my interest, or a collaboration with a third party. Some have outcomes at present, but most are works in progress. 

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Let's Play Fine Art

This project was a response to the discrepancy which I observed between the way in which we write about art and the way in which myself and my contemporaries discuss art in person. I wished to challenge this by presenting informal gallery discussion in the format of a YouTube Let's Play.


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Game Mechanics

I am disctinctly interested in representation through mechanics. This medium is becoming more and more relevant with the rise of the internet. I have done a number of what might be called sketches, but this remains a project in the making.

2016 - 2017

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Found Things

A project from my third year of University, this work focuses on the value of things discovered in the urban landscape. This resolved into two main themes: Found Information; and Found Utility. 


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I keep an A6 sketchbook in my pocket at all times. The sum of these accumulated sketchbooks offers an interesting icon of my artistic practice. I am currently processing an anthology of pages to be published in a small artist's book.

2014 - Present

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Jalview Abacus

Made as part of an art-science collaboration with Jim Procter and Geoff Barton at the UoD Life Sciences Department, this sculpture is a representation of the mechanism of the Jalview phylogenetics program. The sculpture was handmade by myself, and is a working abacus which is reversible and can be used for printing. 


Minecraft Haywain

I wanted to do something with "games as medium," and to draw attention to the relationship between human and nature portrayed in Minecraft. This had a parallel to the romantic ideals popular in the Victorian era of Folly Building and John Constable. 


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The Memory Project

This project is an exploration of the role of memory. The present outcome is a set of instructions for the audience to follow. The art event to be considered is the experience of following the instructions.